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Affiliate Marketing is a Multi-Billion Dollar Business Globally and from Big Companies to idle sitting individual is taking advantage of this opportunity. The Affiliate business is the most trusted and fast earning source of income if Done the Right way. The most common way of doing is seen on youtube where peoples from all over the world post videos about the products and add affiliate links in the description that earns them profit when some buys from that Link. You may have tried it too and it’s a good way to start but it’s a slow process and you should take advantage of Websites & Blogs including Social Marketings if you want to become successful and Rich. Below I am going to explain how to do it the right way and what is necessary for it.

Best way to do Affiliate Marketing.

To become a Successful affiliate Marketor you should have remembered these points.

  1. Website/Blog is the key to successful Business.
  2. Social Pages like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  3. A Youtube Channel ( For Product Reviews )

I am going to explain to them more but let’s assume we are creating Website and let’s focus on that. You may have seen Some of the best marketing websites that provide Deals, Coupon, Price Comparison, Product Reviews and some of them are managed my company and some are by Group of people or even an individual. But most of them just look Good and people prefer them. But Some of the Websites are powered by Blogger or WordPress and provide good content but fails to convert because of the poor design of the website or less user attractive functions. So, if you are among them then this Article is for you. If you are already in the Affiliate Business or want to start a new Business then you can Pick one of the Top Affiliate Theme for WordPress. We will Discuss Best Coupon/Deal theme for WordPress, Best Price Comparison WordPress Theme and even Best Woocommerce/eCommerce Theme.

Best Affiliate Theme for WordPress.

We have Selected Top Affiliate WordPress Theme based on the Features, Support, Thirdparty support etc.



REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme

REHub – Hybrid wordpress template with enhanced all in one combination of profitable features. We made many unique Affiliate, Coupon, Directory, Social, SEO, Comparison and multi ...

Content Egg - all in one plugin for Affiliate, Price Comparison, Deal sites

Content Egg is all in one sollution for creating profitable websites, affiliate websites, price comparison, deals and product reviews Content Egg has many pro features which you ...

ReHub is a modern multipurpose hybrid theme and is one of the Best Sellers on ThemeForest with more than 9000+ Sales and 18000+ Support Comments. The theme covers many modern Business models for profitable websites. Each part can be configured and used separately or you can combine them all in one site. The theme uses actual trends and best unique SEO instruments to build advanced WordPress functions which you will not find in other themes.  Some of the Best Features & Models of rehub Theme are:-

  • Price & Product Comparison with Themes advanced Functions like Dynamic Price Update ( Support Extensively Content Egg Plugin for Price Comparison)
  • Bulk Import of Products from CSV for Price Comparison.
  • Coupon & Deals Bulk Import from CSV & XML File ( Daily auto Import )
  • Business Directory with Locators, Custom Search filters, and custom specifications
  • Product comparisons (supported dynamic comparisons for multi-category sites)
  • Highest Conversion pages (versus pages, specification comparison, Offer hub, Top set pages, Price range pages)
  • Reviews with extended user reviews and table constructors, top review constructors
  • Multi-Vendor shops and simple shops, support for multi-vendor per product
  • Magazines and News sites with Submit option by guests.

The Theme Comes with many Child Themes which support Different types of Website.

  1. ReWise Child Theme:- Price comparison, product reviews, deals. Better in combination with Content Egg plugin.
  2. ReCompare Child Theme:- Advanced Price comparison, attribute comparison based on Woocommerce and Content Egg.
  3. ReCash Child Theme:- Community user-driven child theme, deals, ideas, coupons.
  4. ReVendor :-E-commerce, multivendor shop (based on Dokan plugin).
  5. ReMarket:- Multivendor comparison shop (based on WC Marketplace plugin).
  6. ReDirect:- For Directory, Catalogue, Finder, Service, Brand websites

The Theme is always updated and you will new features every week or month. Theme Author also accepts new ideas from buyers to add new features in new updates.

Rehub is also the first them which is recommended by Amazon.


Couponis – WordPress Theme

Couponis is one of a kind theme which is designed to serve coupons either submitted by your users or imported via XML/CSV file from the affiliate network or both. Theme is designed to be super fast and not to add any stress to WP queries while providing best features at the same time. With the help of WP All Import plugin you are able to import any coupons via XML/CSV file provided by your affiliate network.

Couponis - Affiliate & Submitting Coupons WordPress Theme

Couponis is one of a kind theme which is designed to serve coupons either submitted by your users or imported via XML/CSV file from the affiliate network or both. Theme is ...

Features of Couponis Coupon Theme:

Visual Drag & Drop Builder

Incorporated fastest visual drag & drop page builder with multiple elements which you can use at any position in order to create your own pages.

Affiliate Import Of Coupons

Adding WP All Import plugin you have the ability to import coupons using XML/CSV files from your favorite affiliate networks.

Front End Coupon Submit

Besides the affiliate import, you are able to provide your visitors 7 Guests the ability to submit coupons which they have found our own in order to improve interaction with them or built a community Site.

Coupon Types & Coupons Timing

We got you covered with all possible coupons out there. You can serve your visitors coupons with online code usage, online sale coupons, and in-store printable coupons. There are coupons which last for a certain amount of time and also the ones which are limitless and theme fully supports
both of them.

Smart Search & Successful Level

When people visit your site and engage search, their preferred layout and sorting order will be remembered and will be applied to every search until they change it. With the built-in system for user feedback on whether the coupon is working or not you will be able to present your future visitor’s information about the successful level of each coupon.

Profile Pages & Social Login

Your visitors will be able to register and store their favorite stores and coupons on their profile page allowing them to use them later. Avoid forcing users to not remember yet another set of username and password and allow them to use their social profiles to register and use your site.

Optimized For Speed & SEO

The theme is constructed in such way that it connects to existing WP Queries in order not to slow down the site and to maintain speed with an increase of the coupons. It is very important to be seen by Google in order to increase your visibility and we know it. The theme is designed to latest standards so we got you covered there as well.


Compare – WordPress Price Compare Theme

Compare is a Powerful, Professional, Premium WordPress Price Comparison theme. It comes packed with an impressive array of custom options and widgets allowing you to control the look & feel and products to be shown on the site. This Theme is best suited if you want to Develop Price Comparison website from CSV/XML, and theme author also has a separate plugin to extend its functionality. But if you want only Price Comparison function this is well suited and you can add other Affiliate Network with the help of Content Egg Plugin that gives API access to other networks.

Whether you’re an occasional personal blogger planning to earn revenue from product feeds, experienced affiliate or an Internet Entrepreneur, Compare has you covered and will assist you to generate commission from product sales. Using the theme options and widgets you can manually add products and import your CSV product feed, control content layout, manage your own advertising, pull in your latest tweets, show your latest video, display your latest photos, and much, much more.





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